Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Juz Blog

Haih...this is the problem, when u started a blog, u will need to continue it, althought for u it is juz a private thing... but for other, it might meant SOMETHING....(-_-)"
Well, I m buzy recently, cos lots of assignments need to work on, and somemore my yi ma gu jie at hometown need my help to go back become mc.... But it is juz small matter la, talk thing on the stage only ma, but when all the things come together i feel a bit stress, so, tats y i seldom BLOG..:P another reason is i m lazy la, okla, i admit i m very LAZY...muahahahaha
Hmmm, really dunno can write wat leh....i can be talkative doesn't meant i very geng in writing leh... this first....

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