Friday, September 15, 2006

Finnally end of the exam^^

Well, since today is a good day...the last day for our exam.....muahahahaha,i shalll post something to show how happy i m ~~~lol
I dun want to think of the results..since this time i really dun study so much....
what i want to think now is....Yeah...i m going Cameron Highland on saturday with a gang of gangster,ops,is my dearest frens(^3^)
well this trip quite hard to set up actually...since some of the fren always change their mind,and i almost think tat this trip "finish play" one before..but luckily, my dearest pet very "wu xim" (hokkien) means got heart...
so, by her wu xim, we still can continue go....and i want to thanks the help of our CEO..since he try to help us in finding the resort and so on, but hor, i still need to see the place first, after i experience the environment,baru i give him the big big Thanks....if no...nyiak nyiak nyiak...i want to eat durian and ask him to guai lao lin...hahahaha
Here i want to say, for those who cant go( I m not saying Ms Yeo X X) i will play enough enough to make u jealous de...bler
hope all of my gangster, sorry my dearest fren can enjoy this trip la....
Muak~~~(^3^) happy holiday~~

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