Monday, November 06, 2006

The day at Pusat Sains Negara

Muahahahahaha,cant stop to laugh, cos we went to Pusat Sains Negara...haih, the things that not good is tat day got a lot of little kids visit oso....bui tahan,choose the wrong day to go oredi....
But i still think it is very very Fun enough!
U know wat, Pusat Sains Negara is one of the place that i always mention a "must" go for pak tor wan....Hu~~finnaly can go with the love wan:D
The ticket quite expensive leh,if compare to museum.but i think it is worthy,cos really got a lot of things to see o ('o')!
Not kidding~~~muahahahahah
For those who oredi very sien with the pak tor place,hmm, can consider this place, really not bad, funny yet u can learn a lot of knowledge..A herm~~~hahaha
Thanks o,cos this holiday u work like a fulltime driver,guard,activity planner...bla bla bla...Really thanks....
Love ya('';)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006



Juz Blog

Haih...this is the problem, when u started a blog, u will need to continue it, althought for u it is juz a private thing... but for other, it might meant SOMETHING....(-_-)"
Well, I m buzy recently, cos lots of assignments need to work on, and somemore my yi ma gu jie at hometown need my help to go back become mc.... But it is juz small matter la, talk thing on the stage only ma, but when all the things come together i feel a bit stress, so, tats y i seldom BLOG..:P another reason is i m lazy la, okla, i admit i m very LAZY...muahahahaha
Hmmm, really dunno can write wat leh....i can be talkative doesn't meant i very geng in writing leh... this first....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Finnally end of the exam^^

Well, since today is a good day...the last day for our exam.....muahahahaha,i shalll post something to show how happy i m ~~~lol
I dun want to think of the results..since this time i really dun study so much....
what i want to think now is....Yeah...i m going Cameron Highland on saturday with a gang of gangster,ops,is my dearest frens(^3^)
well this trip quite hard to set up actually...since some of the fren always change their mind,and i almost think tat this trip "finish play" one before..but luckily, my dearest pet very "wu xim" (hokkien) means got heart...
so, by her wu xim, we still can continue go....and i want to thanks the help of our CEO..since he try to help us in finding the resort and so on, but hor, i still need to see the place first, after i experience the environment,baru i give him the big big Thanks....if no...nyiak nyiak nyiak...i want to eat durian and ask him to guai lao lin...hahahaha
Here i want to say, for those who cant go( I m not saying Ms Yeo X X) i will play enough enough to make u jealous de...bler
hope all of my gangster, sorry my dearest fren can enjoy this trip la....
Muak~~~(^3^) happy holiday~~

Friday, September 08, 2006

i shall post something to make the page got something to see

Well, i m the kind of lazy person, lazy to blog but, since i have created a blog... i shall post something here, if no, dui ng ju wo di yi ma gu jie and dozen of Fans~~ haha
Quite stress recently, dunno how to say, maybe because of exam(gosh, why shall we need to hv exam leh??) another reason will be, i started to miss home oredi...
Well for those who not really know bout me, for yr information, i dun like to go back home one, dun ask me why, because if u dun know means u r not tat close with me, so i dun need to explain to u here, if u r very close to me, sure u oredi know the reason,so no need to find out
i miss my sister and brother, although they always tease me Fei Po....but i still miss them, i miss my parents....i miss thing here is i dun miss my dogs,because they are too fierce...
Have seen "Click" recently, nice movie, i long time din cry in the cinema, and this movie TMD got feel leh...can make a cold blood person like me cry....
"i love u, son" so touching....

Friday, August 18, 2006

first time blogger

i juz want to create an account only thats all.